The Paperclip Method - Novel Writing Toolkit

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Do you want to write a novel but you don't know how to begin? THE PAPERCLIP METHOD NOVEL WRITING TOOLKIT includes four practical, inspiring workbooks to guide you through the novel writing process. Find the heart of your story, create complex characters, nail the point of view, write riveting dialogue, craft a compelling plot, and find the best structure for your novel. 


Novel Starter: 50 Days of Exercises and Advice to Get Your Novel off the Ground

The Novelist's Guide to Character: How to Create Unforgettable Characters 

The Paperclip Method: How to Write a Novel Without an Outline

Next Draft: How to Revise Your Novel for Publication

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What users are saying

"Your conversational tone makes your workbooks the best I've found. I love the writing process you outline, and I love your tutorial touches." Lisa Joss"I'm writing more than ever." Adam Moskowitz

"Your method took away the fear I had of simply getting started. The flow of writing came easier... It's making the creative process much more enjoyable." Cynthia Williams

"Especially helpful in trying to order the chaos." Pippa Spence

"Listening to Michelle Richmond explain theThe Paperclip Method renewed my interest in the story. Her method involves writing in scenes or short pieces.... Eventually, you study your stacks and piece your story together. Like a quilt! Like one of my twisted pieces of jewelry! These start out with small pieces that are seemingly unrelated, but eventually make up a work of art." Joanne Huspek

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4 downloadable workbooks in PDF format

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The Paperclip Method - Novel Writing Toolkit

0 ratings
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